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Frequently Asked Questions

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." - PLUTARCH

We always welcome questions! Scroll down to see if we've had your questions answered - otherwise you can;

(i) Email us at [email protected], OR

(ii) Send us a Direct Message ("DM") on our Instagram Handle "play.learn.grow_" for a quicker response! 


How do I place an order?

Simply add the item(s) of interest to your cart and click on Check Out. You will be prompted to create an account. Complete the necessary mailing and billing details, and the final charges including delivery fees will be reflected accordingly before you make payment.

Why is there no option for Self Pick-Up?

With the current pandemic situation in Singapore, we try to play our part in minimising physical contact. Thus, a self pick-up option is not a favourable option at this point in time. We thank you for your kind understanding. However, should you need to receive your order urgently, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram.

How much is your delivery fee?

Our local courier fees are as follow:

(i) $3.50 for first item,

(ii) Additional $2.50 for subsequent items

Courier fees will be reflected at the checkout page. As the package will be larger than a letterbox size, local courier is the only option. Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery page for more information.

Do you ship to other countries besides Singapore?

Play Learn Grow currently does not ship internationally. You may email us should you have special request and we will try our best to fulfill it. 

How long does it take for my package to reach me?

Upon payment confirmation, we will process your order immediately to reach you within [3 - 5] working days. Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery page for more information. 

I need my order urgently. What can I do?

Typical delivery time frame range from 3 to 5 working days. In the event that you require your package by a certain date, please indicate it under "Remarks" at the Check Out page. However, should you need to receive your order urgently, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram.

My order is meant to be a gift. Can you include a gift message?

Absolutely YES! We are happy to share your excitement in gifting our product(s) to a blessed little one who can benefit so much from our toys! Include the message for your intended recipient at the Check Out page and leave the rest to us!

Do you provide gift wrapping services? 

Our packaging comes in Kraft boxes that are aesthetically pleasant - we try to reduce wastage and keep our packaging at its most minimal to play a part in environmental sustainability.

What are the payment options available?

We currently accept major credit and debit cards via Stripe. All information provided will be protected by Stripe's security and fraud measures - your credit card details will never be collected nor stored on our platform.

What do I do if I experienced an error in making payment?

Please refresh your browser page, clear your history, cookies and cache then try again.

What happens after I place an order?

You will receive an order confirmation in your mailbox. If you do not see it in your inbox folder, do check your junk and spam folders in case we have been moved there by your mail server. Mark us safe so our mail will always appear in your inbox! 

If you still did not receive an order notification or confirmation after your purchase, please drop us an E-mail at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram.

Can I cancel and/or refund my order?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any cancellation requests after order has been placed with payment made. Your order would have been processed in order to facilitate prompt delivery.

In any other cases such as receiving items with defects, please refer to our Return and Exchange Policy for more information.


What are educational toys? What do they focus in teaching my child?

We at Play Learn Grow have gone through various stages of hand-picking and curating the most sustainable educational toys which are able to develop certain important skills that most definitely will help your little one(s) in the later part of their lives. These educational toys will help promote young children's cognitive development such as fostering fine motor skills, developing literacy, numeracy and mathematical skills, building creativity skills, boosting social and communication skills, as well as exposing young children early in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts. These are crucial skills as they enable children to process sensory information and eventually learn how to analyze, evaluate, remember, make comparisons and understand cause and effect of every situations.

Always remember that children will learn best at play! Although with short attention span (at best 10-15 minutes), children will pick up something new as they explore during play time. You'll be surprised that they can learn new things each time even with repeated play of the same toy.

How are the products sustainable?

Less is more; with lesser toys around, you will be surprised that your little one(s) will seek creative ways in playing with the toys they own. We specially curate toys whereby the same product can be played in different ways as your child progresses in age until they are done with pre-school. With smaller homes and/or play areas your children can have these days, you will eventually thank us when your house is not cluttered with different toys to be cleaned up!

What is the suitable age group for the products sold at Play Learn Grow?

The products listed are most suitable from infants (6 months old) to toddlers (18 months old) and up to the final year of being a preschooler (6 years old)! However, you may be surprised that we adults also enjoy some of the toy sets. We kid you not!

Are the toys safe for young children since the products listed mostly consist of small parts?

Play Learn Grow carries toys that are suitable for children as young as infants at 6 months old. You can find the toys being categorised to their respective age groups. The wooden toys found are painted with baby-safe paint, while the non-wooden toys are all BPA free and safe for the little ones to play with. However, we strongly emphasize on adult supervision (especially for children between 6 months old to 3 years old) during play time as more than a handful of our products contain small parts, which pose as a choking hazard if accidentally ingested.

My child does not seem interested in the item I have purchased from your store. Why is that so? 

If your child shows that he or she is not interested or has lost interest in the particular toy, keep it away and re-introduce it again in a week or so, you'll be surprised that he or she will find new ways to play with it after! The lack of interest does not always mean that your little one(s) do(es) not enjoy the particular toy, but rather still trying to learn how to play with it. Sometimes it does take a little while for young children to start getting curious!

How do I know the different ways to integrate learning into play with the products purchased from Play Learn Grow?

You can find a little slip of instructions and tips on how to integrate learning into play as your little one progresses in age and milestones for all the products purchased from us. If you are still unsure, just drop us a note and we always welcome friendly chats!


What are water beads?

Water beads are non-edible bead, made of a combination of water and water-absorbing polymer. The water beads are non-toxic, odourless, biodegradable and non-flammable. It is designed for play and not to be ingested hence adult supervision is required during play (especially so for young children).   

From what age will the water beads be suitable for young children? 

Our water beads sets is suitable for children from 18 months old onwards. The water beads are small and pose as a choking hazard. They cannot and should not be consumed. Hence, we strictly recommend that adults be present to supervise during play as with all play items - take it as a chance to grow and bond with your little ones! Just by squishing and feeling the water beads, adults can  

How long will the water beads set last? Can they be used multiple times?

The shelf life of water beads highly depends on the frequency of use. Typically, they can last for 6 months at the minimum if they are used once a week and kept well after play. Rinse the water beads after each use and drain the excess water before keeping them back into the containers provided so as to retain the firm texture of the water beads.

What should I do to prolong the use of water beads?

It is best not to leave the water beads soaked in water for prolong period of time as they will be become too soft, thus breaking apart easily. Always remember to drain the excess water before storing in the air tight containers provided. If you feel that they have reduced in size, add a little bit of water to the water beads again to rehydrate them to a bigger and firmer size.

My child squeezed the water beads and they broke apart. Is it still safe to use?

Remember not to yell at your little one(s) when he/she/they squish the water beads and break them all apart! They are learning all about texture of jelly, and cause and effect. Refrain from intervening from this learning process!

It is perfectly normal for the water beads to break apart under pressure as they are essentially made of water. These broken pieces are also not harmful, nor are they dangerous for use, as long as they are played under adult supervision. Before storing them after use, discard the broken ones then rinse them under clean water. Drain the excess water before keeping them back into the air tight containers that came together with the water beads.


What is the minimum order for party packs?

Party packs come in bundle of 5, 8 and 10 respectively.

What if I require more than 10 party packs?

The party pack bundles have been carefully calculated to meet the needs of most group size. If you require anything more than 10 party packs, you will have to add the different bundle packages to reach the number closest to your needs.

Can I customise the gift tags that come with the party packs?

Absolutely! Drop us a note under the Remarks column upon Check Out. Alternatively, you may wish to E-mail us at [email protected] with your Order Number or DM us on Instagram for a quicker response.

I would like water beads sets as party packs, how can it be arranged?

We are happy to create fun-sized water beads theme sets to meet your party needs! E-mail us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram for a friendly discussion.

I have something else in mind for the party packs, can they be customised?

Yes, we will be most happy to do so! E-mail us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram for a friendly discussion.

"Curiosity is the very basis of education." - Arnold Edinborough

 If you have any other questions that we have not answered above, please feel free to :

(i) Email us at [email protected], OR

(ii) Send us a Direct Message ("DM") on our Instagram Handle "play.learn.grow_" for a quicker response!