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Maze Ball Puzzle Board

S$ 25.00

Put your child's perseverance and patience to test! Perseverance is the ability to overcome obstacles and the desire to continue to work toward a goal or task even when challenges are involved. Perseverance can be developed through failing.

When we allow our children to fail, we cultivate perseverance, tenacity and hope. When we allow our children to fail, we teach them to persist despite difficulty or delay in success. When we allow our children to fail, we allow them to learn an idea or concept firmly, or they will never learn to hope - the hope to succeed or hope to work towards their goals.

The Maze Ball Puzzle Board game can help encourage focus and concentration skills in your preschoolers, or primary-schoolers! It is thrilling even for us adults. You have to try it yourself too!

The Maze Ball Puzzle Board comes in three sizes;
Handy @ $28.00 (25 stages, 16cm x 16cm x 5cm)
Medium @ $33.00 (36 stages, 27.5cm x 23cm x 6cm)
Mega @ $40.00 (60 stages, 32cm x 38cm x 7.5cm)

The two knobs on the side of the puzzle board is designed for easy grasping for the little hands. Manoeuvre the metal ball as it winds through the maze through the stages from the Start to the Finish point.

Cart out now and start the challenge with your little ones! (Adults will enjoy it too, trust us!)