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Orbit Tracing Training Set

S$ 22.90

Recommended 3 Years and up!

One of the easiest way for children to learn how to write letters is to begin tracing them. Tracing is an effective method to teach handwriting. By letting the little ones trace shapes and maze-like paths from left to right, up and down, through jagged or curvy lines can help them develop fine motor control. 

The Orbit Tracing Training Set comes with 36 levels of tracing fun, with 4 coloured coins (for a start), 2 erasable markers and 1 duster.

For a start, if your little one has not yet learn how to grasp pencils or pens, allow them to learn the concept of tracing the lines by using the coins provided from start to end points. 

Typically, children age 4 to 5 will be able to write alphabets hence they can start tracing activities at 3 years old. With this easy-to-clean Orbit Tracing Training Set, guiding your little ones in a little writing activity for about 15minutes daily allows them to practise efficiently yet fuss-free for you parents!